Kansas Honey Producers Spring Meeting

March 6, 2021 @ 8:30 am – 4:45 pm
On Zoom
Joli Winer

Kansas Honey Producers Spring Meeting

Saturday, March 6th 2021 

Virtual/Zoom Meeting

 Our Spring Meeting of the Kansas Honey Producers will be held virtually again.  This time we’ll try having it on a Saturday! You must register for the meeting in order to view the program at a later date.

One of our guest speakers, Dr. Samuel Ramsey has requested that his talk not be recorded so the only way to hear his presentations will be to attend on Saturday, March 6th. At this time, the other presentations will be taped and will be available for later viewing.


It would be a big help if you could register early so that you can receive the zoom link in a timely manner 36-48 hours before the meeting.

The entire program for the meeting will be listed online at www.kansashoneyproducers.org.  To register go to the association website at www.kansashoneyproducers.org.

You can join or renew your membership at the same time.  Registration is $20.

Silent Auction

We are planning to have an Online Silent Auction- If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction please call or email Joli and she’ll tell you how to proceed.  The auction will begin on Wednesday, March 3rd and end at 4:30 on Saturday March 6th.  Joli Winer 913-593-3562 or joli@heartlandhoney.com.

We would like to have 10-15 nice items to auction.  Payment will be by credit card and the item will state if the buyer or seller is responsible for shipping.  You will get a link at the beginning of the auction to begin the bidding.

Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers include:

Dr. Samuel Ramsey whose enduring interest in insect biology started 23 years ago and shows no signs of waning. Having earned his doctorate from Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp’s lab at the University of Maryland; Dr. Ramsey maintains a focus on how insect research can benefit the public through the development of IPM strategies and STEM-based outreach initiatives. His award-winning research on Varroa biology has changed the standing paradigm on how this parasite ultimately kills honey bees leading to opportunities to share his work nationally and internationally. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Entomology from Cornell University in 2011 focusing his research on predator/parasite behavior. His current work, aptly named the Fight the Mite Initiative, was funded largely by the beekeeping community. It focuses on the poorly understood Tropilaelaps mite which is rapidly establishing itself as the next threat to apiculture globally.  Prior to the pandemic he was based in Thailand documenting the behavior, lifecycle, and vulnerabilities of this parasite, ensuring that in the event of its arrival in the US, we’ll have the knowledge and resources to respond effectively.

Clarence Collison, Clarence is an Emeritus Professor of Entomology and Emeritus Head of the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS, having retired from the position June 30th, 2010.  Prior to his move there, in 1989, he was an Extension Entomologist at Pennsylvania State University, where he served as Beekeeping/Pollination Specialist and Livestock Entomologist. Clarence has written several books they are: What do you Know? And A Closer Look-Basic Honey Bee Biology.

Charlotte Wiggins author of Bee Club Basics or How to Start a Bee Club will be our guest speaker What does a coffee pot have to do with beekeeping? Are you a beekeeper who wants to join forces with others? Are you a ‘newbie’ who wants to learn about beekeeping? Or maybe you just want to start a non-profit club. Charlotte Ekker Wiggins offers you pages and pages of advice of suggestions on how to meet new friends, come together for a common purpose and maybe even find ‘family’ with each other. AND, it’s FUN!


Friday, March 5th 2021

Friday night 7:00 pm Executive Board meeting via Zoom

Saturday, March 6th

8:30-8:40           Announcements Becky Tipton President

8:40-9:40            Dr. Samuel Ramsey- Drivers of Honey Bee Colony Losses: What the Data Actually Say For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong (H. L. Mencken). This sentiment is clearly evinced in the complex issue of heightened honey bee colony losses. While the data do not present a singular culprit, they do show how the interconnected web of natural and man-made stress factors have negatively impacted honey bee populations. These data further imply that there are actions we can undertake to help the bees.  This presentation will not be recorded

9:40-9:50           Break

9:50-10:50        Dr. Clarence Collison Applying The Basics Of Honey Bee Biology

10:50-11:00      Break

11:00-12:00      Varroa Management: How Mites Should be Treated

Dr. Samuel Ramsey presents. Do you want to treat for Varroa but can’t figure out what treatment method is right for you? Well, have I got the presentation for you! Hear the how, when, why and what of Varroa treatment. This presentation will not be recorded

12:00-12:45      Lunch

12:45-1:45        Dr. Clarence Collison Spring Preparations and Assessment

1:45-1:55           Break

Choose one of the following- Break out zoom session

1:55-2:55           Jane Kill presents Value Added – Making Cold-Process Honey Soap

1:55-2:55         Ginny Mitchell Preparing Entries for Honey Shows– 2 session presentation

Ginny judges our State fair honey show and she’ll share tips on making your entries winners! She learned from the best, Dr. Marion Ellis. She’ll join us from her home in Iowa!

2:55-3:05           Break

Choose one of the following- Break out zoom session

3:05:4:05           Charlotte Wiggins author of Bee Club Basics or How to Start a Bee Club

3:05-4:05           Ginny Mitchell Preparing Entries for Honey Shows– 2 session presentation

4:05-4:15           Break

4:15-4:25           Joli Winer Youth Scholarship programs– Let’s get more in  Kansas!

4:25:-4:45         Grant Group Presentations

4:45                    Online Silent Auction closes

4:45                    General Business Meeting


Topics, times, and speakers are subject to change


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